Monya Wyatt Consulting

8465 Colerain Ave #1071, Cincinnati 45239, Ohio United States

Posted by Monya Wyatt on 2023-11-01 20:34:03

Monya Wyatt Consulting is a black, woman-owned business in Cincinnati that specializes in providing financial services and solutions to nonprofit organizations. Founded by Monya Wyatt, an experienced financial professional with a passion for helping nonprofits thrive, the company offers a range of services tailored to the unique financial needs of nonprofit entities.

Services Offered:

Bank Relationship Management: Managing relationships with financial institutions, including selecting banks, negotiating fees, and optimizing the use of banking services. Monya Wyatt Consulting performs comprehensive evaluations of a company's relationships with its banking partners, to ensure that the business's financial needs are being met effectively.

Bank and System Administration: Monya Wyatt Consulting helps nonprofits organize account signers, system users and their assigned entitlements to ensure the organization has a handle on internal controls and segregation of duties. 

Cash Forecasting: Predicting future cash flows and requirements by analyzing historical cash flows, accounts payable and receivable, and other financial data to anticipate the organization's cash needs. The goal is to ensure that there is neither excessive nor insufficient cash on hand.

Cash Position Management: Monitoring the organization's cash position in real-time to identify surpluses or deficits and take appropriate actions. Surpluses can be invested to earn interest or used to pay down debt, while deficits may require short-term borrowing or adjusting investment strategies.

Technology Solutions: Utilizing cash management software and tools to facilitate efficient cash handling, payments, and reporting.

Financial Training: Conducts training sessions to educate nonprofit staff on financial best practices. These sessions empower the organizations to make informed financial decisions.

Monya Wyatt’s background in both for profit and nonprofit sectors gives Monya Wyatt Consulting a unique edge in understanding the specific challenges and opportunities nonprofit organizations face. By supporting nonprofit finances, Monya Wyatt Consulting contributes to the overall success and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. The improved financial health of these organizations allows them to allocate more resources towards their core missions, benefiting the communities they serve.

Monya Wyatt Consulting is a prime example of a woman-owned business making a meaningful impact by supporting nonprofit finances, enabling these organizations to fulfill their vital roles in society.

8465 Colerain Ave #1071 Cincinnati, Ohio 45239 United States

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